We are a specialized company in the production of sheet bevelling cutters

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We are a company introduced in the production of sheet bevelling cutters, inserts and tools for sheet metal working and bending processes.

For years we have specialized in the construction of these accessories through the use of special steels and hardened carbon. The primary goal of Gricom is always that of customer satisfaction by offering an efficient service linked to a high quality of the product while keeping the prices in the right size.

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We are a specialized company, we offer the best solutions that the market offers today to meet all the different needs of sheet metal bevel. We have specialized staff with whom you can make an appointment at your premises, to evaluate together the ideal solution according to the bevel work that will be performed. On the site you will find some images showing the various processing systems of the equipment we propose.

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Le smussatrici e le frese Gricom sono leader sul mercato sia nazionale che internazionale.
Ideiamo, progettiamo e creiamo macchinari all’avanguardia, innovativi e di qualità.
Effettuiamo anche modifiche a macchinari di terzi. Di seguito alcuni dei nostri prodotti.

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